Online Livestream Training, January 25th-29th

Standing Strong in Quickly Changing,
Turbulent Times

Now more than ever we need people who know how to see the big picture, tell the big story, and bring the wisdom living in our stories to the surface.

This training is for people who are committed to showing up as guides, healers, and facilitators of the soul and collective healing during times of global crisis and transition. 

We are in a time of massive transition as a planet. 

If you have been paying attention to the old Stories, these shifts and changes are not a surprise, and you know we are in one chapter of a very large story humanity is living within. 

You want to help people ride the waves of change.

This 3.5 day livestream interactive training will provide you a place to align with a like-minded global community as you learn how to practice engaging story as a tool to encourage sovereignty, connection, healing, and collaborative visioning. 

The study of Storytelling provides a place to practice key skills that help us gain access to our greatest human potential. Some of the skills we develop are more obvious, such as listening, trusting your intuition, compassion, and empathy. 

Then there are other skills that support great leadership:

developing your intuition, developing your capacity of reading a group and being able to respond accordingly, being able to steer conversations and reframe a story.

Then there are the aspects that are less frequently spoken about, such as connection to earth, connection to the unseen world for guidance and insight, how to conduct fields of energy, how to infuse a space with specific energies such as ease, joy, and grace.

You want to be the antidote to what is separating us. 

Live training January 25-28, 2024

Thursday 5-7:30pm PST, Fri – Sun 9-6 PST

Replays are available forever

Quarterly calls will take place at 9am PST / 12pm EST on March 28,
June 27, September 26 and December 12, 2024

ATTEND ON ZOOM OR IN PERSON in Southern California


Become a Healing Presence in the World

This is for you if you…

  • Want to feel more confident that you have the tools to maneuver through crisis, change, and initiatory experiences

  • Are ready to master your own stories

  • Want to gain more access to your vitality and creative life force

  • Are looking for techniques to support loved ones and the people you work with

If you…

  • Are a coach, teacher, facilitator, health-coach, counselor, or therapist, or guide looking to incorporate the ancient healing modality of Story into your offerings

  • Want to enhance problem solving skills and creativity skills.

  • Want to be able to bring the energies of  trust, healing, and grace into every room you work in.

  • Welcome being in a space where someone is holding space for you, rather than you holding space for others

  • Value being part of communities where all are valued as having gifts to offer

  • Are deepening your commitment as a story keeper

  • Are spending time around wisdomtellers is your idea of a good time (even if you don’t consider yourself to be one….yet)

You will also learn…

  • Prophesy & teaching stories from around the world you can retell

  • How to guide people to access their inner wisdom & sovereignty

  • Considerations for how to host & facilitate story circles for healing

  • The journey a story can take from trauma to healing  

  • Energy hygiene and management skills

  • How to guide people to access their inner wisdom 

  • Engage a larger perspective through reframing stories

  • Develop more capacity for complexity in the stories of our time

  • 4 new story structures

  • Techniques you can apply when conflict is present 

  • How to receive constructive & supportive feedback

“A magical gathering of hearts, filling each other with love and inspiration!

One learns not only deeper and broader ways of telling and listening, but how to engage with story in ceremony, in sacred ways that guide a seeker, someone yearning for healing, for change, clarity.  Whether facilitating others through the experience or doing it for oneself. You will learn the dynamics and all the spicy flavors of story, what ingredients are needed for certain outcomes. The harvest is splendid, rich, and you continue to savor the flavors long afterwards.”

~ Karianna

“It touched so many chords of knowing in my soul, that I feel inspired, enlivened and emboldened to step deeper into commitment in walking the sacred path of Story Ceremony. It was an initiation on its own, gifting tools for supporting further initiation in others. My heart is blossoming with gratitude and delight in the mystery of not knowing where this path may lead me, but in the allowing of having been totally swallowed by Story Ceremony. “

~ Ana

“LIFE-CHANGING, It gave me insights that I never would have had otherwise, while being fun, filled with community connection, and mind blowing.”

~ Ruthie

“Leah accomplishes a magical and seemingly impossible feat of facilitation: creating a safe and yet dangerously edgy container for deep exploration and shared reflection. She is a blessing and a treasure.”

~ Fred Mindlin, Teaching Artist

Your Guide, Leah Lamb

Leah is a Story Practitioner who engages story as a tool for healing and transformation. She is supporting the remergance of Story being recognized as an ancient healing art that supports the liberation of consciousness and is a tool that can support the expression of our full potential.

Through her courses, international retreats, and presentations, she illuminates the relationship between story, earth, spirit, and healing, and how this alchemical union impacts our consciousness and capacity to access the unseen world. She is committed to creating spaces where participants can explore human consciousness and life mastery. Leah has toured Sacred Storytelling Ceremonies of up to 200 people around the country, and has presented at Bioneers, Hollyhock, Google, among other conferences.  Her writing has been published in Spirituality & Health Magazine,  Good Magazine, National Geographic News Watch, Fast Company, and Huffington Post. She produced The Green Channel for Al Gore’s Current TV, and covered The UN Climate Talks in Paris & Copenhagen.

Leah is the founder of The School for Sacred Storytelling, and created The Speak Your Spark program.

She was the arts and dialogue consultant for The National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation, her work as a social worker involved crisis intervention and guiding youth at risk through the wilderness for 7 years. Leah has studied at The Neighborhood Playhouse, Williamstown Theater Festival, The Orphan Wisdom School, The 13 Moon Mystery School, among many other wonderful guides and teachers, including the forests and ocean. Leah has a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Guest Mentors

Jyoti Ma
Prophesy, Ritual, & Ceremony

Jyoti Ma is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher. She has devoted her life to bringing unity to the planet by facilitating the development of alliances between individuals who are the guardians of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways.

Marta Maria Marraccini M.A.
Mind/Heart and Group Field Coherence

Marta Maria Marraccini M.A. holds a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Her life’s purpose is to empower individuals through bridging quantum mechanic, psychology, and spirituality. She is an established community builder, public speaker, and facilitates international retreats.

David Campt, Ph.D
Race, Dialogue & Vulnerability

David is founder and principal of The Dialogue Company and creator of the White Ally Toolkit, which educates anti-racism allies on engaging in transformative discourse about race and other polarizing conversations.

Raasa Leela de Montebello,

Raasa Leela is passionate about guiding individuals in rediscovering their wisdom, wildness, and freedom through movement exploration.

Kim Vincent
Energetic Boundaries

Kim’s is a certified NLP master practitioner & trainer, Hypnotherapist, TPM (Thought Pattern Management) master practitioner and Reiki master. She is also an internationally accredited Energy Healing Practitioner and co-founder of the “Healing in America” a nationally renowned school of Holistic Energy Healing. Kim has practiced Energy Healing and taught thousands how to access their inner healing gift.

What participants said after our last training:

“This Inspirational workshop will help deepen your understanding of your role as a storyteller, and the power of story to change consciousness. I left with more confidence and clarity, more inspiration. and a greater sense of context for what we are doing as storytellers.”

~  Michelle G

“This was an initiation … an activation of our imagination, our courage, our intuition, and our magic.”

~ Juliana C

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Event Schedule

Jan 24th

5pm – 8pm PST  /
8pm – 11pm EST

Jan 25th

9am – 6pm PST  /
12pm – 9pm EST

January 26th

9am – 6pm PST /
12pm – 9pm EST

Jan 27th

9am – 6pm PST /
12pm – 9pm EST
  • Small and large group interactive experiences 

  • Meal breaks and time to reflect and integrate

  • Recordings will be available forever

  • Mighty Networks exclusive community for ongoing connection with your cohort

  • A small group you can stay connected to during the training and throughout the year

  • Handouts, meditations, and exercise that you can continue to use in the future


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