Transformational Techniques for Social Impact Storytellers

Practices and Play for Honing Your Authentic Voice and Building a Better Future!

Facilitated By Celia Alario

6-Week Creative Empowerment Course

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February 8 - March 14, 2024

Thursdays, 11am - 1pm PST

Discover Transformational Techniques for Social Impact Storytellers

In these four playful interactive sessions we’ll take a deep dive into the transformational leader’s toy box of tools and tips for tapping into your most authentic voice and delivering your content in ways your audiences will find irresistible. Bring your favorite story or presentation content to these sessions, we’ll work on rituals, habits and mindset+heartset techniques for before, during and after you take to the spotlight that facilitate a truest expression of your unique style. Banish what holds you back and cultivate your strengths so you can speak truth to power and change the world.

This course is for you if….

  • You have some content ready (a story, poem, presentation, elevator pitch, speech, talking points, etc) and want to work on what holds you back from delivering it with your most authentic voice
  • You find yourself feeling public speaking apprehension and want to build skills to banish that fear by harnessing your values and strengths
  • You are ready to build habits and rituals for before/during/after your time in the spotlight in the sanctuary of a compassionate cohort
  • You have some things you want to let go of to have a more enjoyable experience as a speaker (perhaps nervousness, harsh inner dialogue, stage fright, mind going blank, etc)
  • You know your voice matters and need a nudge to uplevel your role as a voice for transformation and impact in the world

In this course, you will experience:

  • Each week we will gather and first explore grounding, breathing and presencing tools for speakers and storytellers.
  • Then we’ll dig into playful, interactive and meaningful exercises that support a more fearless expression of your authentic voice and style in a compassionate and feedback rich circle.
  • By learning to cultivate a transformational mindset+heartset you’ll build habits and rituals for a sacred inner dialogue, where beliefs, thoughts and emotions motivate you to trust yourself and give your audiences the gift of your story or presentation content.
  • Arrive with your content, leave energized and hopeful having honed your style and mindset.


“Working with Celia is a great way to bust through any emotional and skill barriers that may be holding back your authentic voice and power. She supports you to refine your purpose, focus, and build the skillset to realize the impact you want to have in the world. Celia brings a wealth of knowledge and networks that will help you achieve breakthroughs.”

Jodie Tonita

Find your authentic voice, become vulnerable, and then put yourself out there.
~Meredith Brooks

Your Guide — Celia Alario

Celia Alario is a communications strategist, coach and facilitator. She cavorts with grassroots change agents, impact media makers and emerging thought leaders who share her love for social justice, planetary healing and culture shaping. From the United Nations climate negotiations, to mass marches in the streets, to UC Santa Barbara’s Environmental Studies program, Celia’s trained thousands to become more irresistible spokespeople and public speakers. She’s committed to helping all who work for change to cultivate greater well-being, vitality and joy in their lives, and recently became a certified functional health and wellness coach. She blends all of that in the Vision to Voice Academy, learn more at . Celia sustains her activism through an alchemic mix of rock climbing, hula hooping, and practicing the art of non-attachment. Bred by New Yorkers and raised in Los Angeles, she currently chases her poodle across the majestic redrock landscapes of Southeastern Utah.

Transformational Techniques for Social Impact Storytellers $450

6 Weeks (February 8 – March 14, 2024)
Thursdays, 11am – 1pm Pacific Time

  • Learn how to find and use your authentic voice
  • 6 live, interactive class sessions on Zoom (12 hours)
  • Access to an exclusive online community platform
  • Small groups to work with outside of class
  • Recordings of all classes (permanent access)
  • Coaching and skill building
  • Join a community of conscious creators

Transformational Techniques for Social Impact Storytellers + Medicine Stories (4-Week Course)

Medicine Stories: 4-Week Course (April 4 – April 25, 2024)
When you register for two courses receive a $50 discount.
  • Learn how to walk between the bridge between the seen and unseen using a shamanic practice and metaphor
  • Learn how to heal the heart
  • Connect with the ancient language of symbol, myth, and metaphor

A compelling, authentic voice is rooted in a strong sense of identity.
~Todd Henry

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