Engage Myth as a Powerful Tool for Transformation & Belonging.

February 5th - March 11th, 2024/Mondays 3-5 pm Pacific Time

What does your soul long for at this time?

What does the world call for from you?

Step into the forest and cross a threshold into another way of being. Explore old stories and myths that harbour wisdom from the Earth and the Other World, illuminating a soul path in these unpredictable times of change.

Embark on this potent journey of claiming more of your innate authority and aligning yourself with your inner wise woman and vision. Ground yourself in a greater sense of belonging, to body, land and the red thread of your spiritual and ancestral lineage.

What truths will you discover among the roots of the oak tree of your heart?

A Familiar Fairytale Rediscovered

You may think you know the familiar fairy tale of Red Riding Hood, with its forest, a grandmother, a girl in red, and a wolf.  That version has been reduced to a simple cautionary tale, heavy on morality. It excised the rich tapestry of the sacred feminine which brought forth the gifts of shadow.

The Grandmother’s Tale is a far older version of the story.
As old as the moon herself, perhaps. 

It follows a wilder, darker path; earthy, sensual and rooted deeply in nature. This story is about women’s mysteries of cycles and bridging worlds, of transformation, shapeshifting and the lineage of the wise woman. The Grandmother’s Tale is a soul journey of initiation.  It calls for nothing less than the awakening of your wild heart and to ignite your instinctual wisdom. 

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You Will Experience...

  • Create and cross a threshold to ignite and embody creative potentials of your soul wisdom 
  • Invite in the wise old woman, forest and wolf as allies, guides and teachers to awaken your instinctual wisdom, discernment, authority and wild essence.
  • Connect with the land and archetypal energies as healing medicine for your life force, power and revealing the beauty hidden within your shadow. 
  • Explore the mythic realms to find your own symbols of empowerment, courage and wisdom
  • Participate in an inspiring and joyful, experiential program, inviting you to shake out your pelt, dance with trees, awaken all your senses and play with your creative ingenuity in a guided, loving and sometimes edgy container. 
  • Understand the transformational power of story as a guide for forging new ways and shapeshifting old habits, personally and culturally. 
  • Discover what has been overly tamed within you and what wild nature longs for expression.

MODULE 1 – Into the Forest

Monday February 5, 3-5pm Pacific time

Introduction. Entering the liminal mythic realm of the forest and the house of the wise woman via the ‘Grandmothers Tale’. Activating the threshold of this initiation. Encountering Wolf and embodying the lineage of the elder.

MODULE 2 – The Way of the Wolf

Monday February 12, 3-5pm Pacific time

Exploring the wild self personally and collectively. Meeting wolf as ally, trickster, lover, threat. Awakening sensory depth, cunning and the 3 types of intuition. Seeing through the eyes of wolf and exploring paths of hidden wisdom.

MODULE 3 – The Red Thread

Monday February 19, 3-5pm Pacific time

Discovering the history of the ‘red thread’ for connection, guidance or binding. Exploring its lineage for you personally. Bringing in the Faery realm connection. The place of the exile and emerging new patterns of power that shape your journey.

MODULE 4 – Singing the Bones

Monday February 26, 3-5.30pm Pacific time

Exploring the La Loba myth of the desert woman who sings old bones to new life. Jane Elworthy will be a guest facilitator this week and through movement, chant, sound and rhythm you will uncover a soul expression and tone to awaken the life force of your rediscovered ‘bones’. Class will be 2.5 hours long.

MODULE 5 – Shadow

Monday March 4, 3-5pm Pacific time

Exploring the house of ancient wisdom in the forest of mystery. The archetypal energy of the shadow. Connecting with the gifts and beauty of shadow and balancing its need for survival.

MODULE 6 – Enchanting The Return

Monday March 11, 3-5pm Pacific time

Finding a way home to a deeper place of belonging. Allow sacred geometry to lead you through a journey of synthesising insights. What’s returning? What’s staying in the forest? What lives at the threshold of your being? Meeting the three women at the river and the connection with the Fae.

FOLLOW-UP CLASS – Integration and Storytelling

Monday March 25, 3-5pm Pacific time

Crossing the river of transformation for the return and integration. Story sharing with the group. What stories, poems or art have expressed themselves through you? Have you fractured the fairy tale and rewritten it, or has the story reshaped you? Who speaks through you and wants their voice heard? Crossing the river and returning. Supporting what is newly emerging.

Wolf Song- Tracing the Shadow Dance of the Wild


Wolf Song – $375 USD

Early Bird Until Jan 26th SAVE $50 USD

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  • 6 online interactive and experiential classes, (includes some small breakout groups)
  • Bonus follow-up storytelling class for vision, medicine and integration.
  • Guest teacher Jane Elworthy will be offering one of her extraordinary sound activations and RhythmBody processes for empowering your voice in week 5 – NOTE this will be a 2.5-hour class
  • All classes will be recorded and available for permanent viewing.
  • All class meditations are accessible for easy re-listening
  • Reading and podcast recommendations for further exploration.
  • A 40-page book of creative prompts to ignite your inspiration, support and deepen your unfolding soul journey.
  • The option to have a group partner outside of class to explore, collaborate and be creative with. This is usually a class highlight!
  • Dedicated community group forum to share inspirations and experiences with online.
  • BONUS video and meditation for creating a ‘wilderness mask’

Wolf Song is powerful, joyful, interactive and experiential, with group and individual processes, ceremony, stories, writing, connecting with mythic realities and archetypes, meditation journeys, dream work, discussions and playing with your creativity.

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Let myth ignite your wild heart and instinctual wisdom

What people have said:

Your Facilitator - Jacqui Bushell

Jacqui Bushell has been dancing with the mythic imagination for much of her life, through her love of the wisdom held in fairy tales and her work as a spiritual herbalist listening for the voices and stories in the land. As a writer and speaker, she is passionate about encouraging others to explore their own mythology at the borderlands of psyche, body, culture and landscape.

Jacqui guides people to awaken their creative soul essence through connecting with the mysteries of the earth, story and their own sacred nature.

Her work weaves together plant spirit alchemy, energetic healing, Otherworld realms, embodiment practices and journey work to inspire transformational shifts in the way people connect with self, each other, spirit and nature.

Jacqui has been facilitating women’s circles, ceremonies, retreats, workshops and courses in Australia and internationally for 30 years.

Guest Facilitator - Jane Elworthy

Shamanic teacher and practitioner, sound healer, performer and channel of the Hathor and Pleiadian energies, Jane’s mission is to help people remember their true divine nature through the power of sound, rhythm and light code reactivation.

She works internationally as a teacher, retreat facilitator, performer and sacred sound channel.

After a profound awakening experience, she was called strongly to the ancient women’s instrument, the Frame Drum, and has been a master drum maker, frame drummer and Rhythmbody teacher for over 30 years. 

Her work is experiential, often playful and profoundly transformational, encouraging people to embody their voice and authentic power.

Jane anchors you back home again, in your body and sacred self, connected with spirit and earth, able to live your fullest potential.