Welcome To The School for Sacred Storytelling

A Sanctuary for Conscious Creators who want to engage in the practice of telling and catching stories that bring more love, kindness, healing, acceptance, generosity and joy into the world.

Explore what it means to be a Conscious Creator in our times and to work with the oldest tool humankind has been given to evolve and create the world around us: Story.

Master Teachers

Our Master Teacher Library includes over 108 hours of thought provoking teachings about what it means to be a storytelling in our times

There is an ancient language calling through the ethers of time.

Ready to be reclaimed and remembered. It speaks through the roots of trees, through the mist of clouds, the cry of an unseen bird. It arrives through the vehicle of a living sacred story, and these stories are living in, and through you.

The old stories are asking to be healed

and the new stories are ready to emerge, and the sacred stories are holding the wisdom of the ancients. But can you hear them?
Is your vessel clear?
Is your listening honed?

Can you catch and carry them so that they might be heard?

Is your mind prepared to break through your paradigms? Are you packed for a journey into the mythic realms and ready to face the mysteries?

These stories are your stories.

Ready to Tell Your Story?

Here is how it works…
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Or if you are wanting to explore one of our course bundles or Certification program, schedule a  Private Discovery Session about what courses are best for you where we will explore your specific interest and learning goals.


A Special Invitation from Leah Lamb, MSW, Transformational Storyteller, Founder and Principal Instructor of the School for Sacred Storytelling

Storytellers hold the keys to thriving through the initiations of life.

In many ways these are miraculous times in which such diverse peoples with different origin stories, different belief systems, and different values form a multi-cultural society.

At no other time have people experienced so much transition at such a rapid pace, from technology to climate change to the appreciation of diverse identities.

Our Values

Sacred Storytelling as a Healing Modality

Learn how to work with storytelling as a tool for healing for yourself, for your community, for the planet. Discover that you have the power to author your own story. Examine your life through the lens of story and identify the roles you’ve been playing. Identify the stories that are serving you and the ones you are ready to release. 

Earth Based Practices

Learn earth-based practices from around the globe as you develop an intimate relationship with rituals that connects people, land, and community. Explore traditions for cleansing, clearing, anointing, healing, and forgiving. Integrate prayer and blessings into your creation process.

Discover the Joy of Inner Development

Grab the reins of your life experience as you transform villains into master teachers and re-cast suffering as initiation. Discover the unique medicine and gifts you have to offer. Music, muse-invoking poetry, articles, podcasts, and the Creator’s Guide to Psychic Silence will support you during this revelatory practice.

Open Your Creative Channel & Develop Your Intuition

Access psychic silence so you can see through the cloud of stories — and see with clarity the stories that you tell yourself and that the world tells you. Learn to trust your intuition and creative impulses as you dance with the muse. We’ll introduce a step-by-step process for clearing your creative channel and understanding your limiting and liberating thought patterns. You’ll unearth what is between you and the full expression of your voice.

Mental Focus & Discernment

Increase your awareness and mental discipline as you explore your consciousness through meditation. Look through the lens of the sacred storyteller as you learn to see through the layers of stories in our time. We will introduce practical methods for memorizing your story that builds self-confidence and stage presence.

Complexity & Diversity

We will not attempt to simplify the times we are living in. We are committed to fostering an environment that honors and respects our community as we learn from each other’s stories. Our goals include holding ourselves accountable to be present and generative and to create a supportive community focused on sharing our gifts with each other and the planet.

Presence & Embodiment

Learn how to connect with your body as a vessel for the creative life force. You will be introduced to array of embodiment technique to physically explore your stories. Work with your voice through song, movement, and a variety of modalities of writing and storytelling so your unique perspective and medicine can be heard.

Advanced Communication Skills

Expand your powers of listening and reflection. Engage healthy boundaries for your creative practice. Provide supportive feedback that enhances your own and others’ creative process. Master teachers will introduce you to techniques for developing your unique voice and storytelling style.

What's Included

Exclusive Online Platform & Community Learning Space

You will receive a personal login to an easy-to-use website where you can access all the Speak Your Spark module materials, watch recordings, and engage in conversations with your fellow cohorts.

Finding Your Flock

Every class room will provide an opportunity to join a Group of Greatness. This will be your flock, pod, or murder (depending on your personal mythos) . This cohort of peers will support you in practicing, staying aligned with your specific goals and expectations, and a great place to practice storytelling.

Story Ceremonies & One-day Story Workshops

Throughout the program, there will be several 2 hours ceremonies and workshops. These immersive and experiential journeys engage ritual and performance in community. Our explorations will focus on a particular story that shapes our shared mythology and our view of ourselves.

Members-Only Online Community

You will have access to an exclusive online community where you can stay connected with fellow Speak Your Spark participants, share your experiences and insights, be inspired by the reflections of others, discover local & online events hosted by your peers, and connect with collaborators on projects. While our module portal is private, you will also be part of a larger community where you can join alumni from past modules and other souls committed to the art and craft of being a sacred storyteller.


Imagine A Community That Brings Out Your Greatness

Imagine a community that invites poetry, storytelling, and song. We are a merry brood who are sharing our unique gifts and understand that our voice can make a difference in the world. The nature of this program invites you into the depths of your consciousness, to wander the wilds of your inner landscapes, and to shine light on the darkest corners of your personal story. And to find beauty, grace, and wisdom, all along the way.

You will step into a supportive creative community. Long standing friendships have begun in these circles. The global nature of the program will foster international connections, expanding your potential for collaborative projects and initiatives worldwide.


You can either take individual classes – see our upcoming class list.

Or sign up for one of the course tracks below.

Stop. Listen. Feel. Hāweatea is gifted at guiding participants through this process because of her inherent gifts as matakite (intuitive), and two decades of work as a professional listener. This is a fusion of indigenous ancestry and the psychology of meaning-making. I can honestly say there is no better guide or teacher. Participation in her wānanga (courses) has been monumental in my uncovering of what she calls the ‘reverse gift’ of life's challenges.

Donelle Manihera

Sirena is an amazing manifester and creatrix who follows her joy and wisdom to be in the biggest dance and love affair possible with the Earth, life, death, personal development and the beauty of storytelling.

Palika R.

Dina is a trusted healer, teacher, confidant and ally that delivers her medicine with the proper dose of good humor, compassion and straight talk. She is the embodiment of many years of dedicated service to the healing arts and her own self work. I am gratefully humbled for my life has been enriched from Dina’s healing presence.

K.D. Smith, CA

“Everybody acts out a myth,
but very few people know what their myth is.
And you should know what your myth is
because it might be a tragedy
and maybe you don’t want it to be.”

– Carl Jung